Singapore Art Museum: Beautiful Architecture, Disappointing Experience

Went to the Singapore Art Musuem quite some time ago but never blogged about it because I was uninspired. The old school building and chapel were beautiful, but the art work on display then didn’t quite catch my fancy. Perhaps I just couldn’t relate to it and I was hoping to see more art by children as I recalled was the experience in the 70’s when the art museum was part of the Singapore History Museum. I guess the visit may also have been marred by rude uppity counter people and after that further disappointment at Food for Thought, across the road, where the hot chocolate tasted like Milo. Guess it just wasn’t our day. It doesn’t mean that I won’t revisit the museum though – perhaps one day there will be an exhibit that will draw me in.

sam - 49002

sam - 49003

sam - 49005

sam - 49006

sam - 49007

sam - 49008

sam - 49012

sam - 49013

sam - 49014

sam - 49015

sam - 49016

sam - 49017

sam - 49018

sam - 49019

sam - 49020

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sam - 49022

sam - 49023

sam - 49004

sam - 49024

sam - 49025

sam - 49028

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2 Responses to Singapore Art Museum: Beautiful Architecture, Disappointing Experience

  1. k. says:

    shouldn’t it be food for thought? not group therapy.

    • bookjunkie says:

      oops yes….will change it. Group Therapy is wonderful. Thanks for mind is like mush when I blog at night

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