Smoothie King – A Great Place to Have Wraps

I find smoothies in general a bit too sweet and I was shocked by the calorie counts. I was quite impressed by the spicy grilled chicken wrap I had (cost S$5.90) and I will be returning for the wraps. The coffee is a bit dilute (even Starbucks is better, says something). I had a sip of my partner’s smoothie and it was a bit too sweet for me even though he picked one of the lowest calorie ones with strawberry in it. Guess I’m just not into smoothies in general. I prefer to eat rather than drink my calories.

smoothieking - 58384

smoothieking - 58380

smoothieking - 58387

smoothieking - 58386

smoothieking - 58381

smoothieking - 58382



smoothieking - 58383

smoothieking - 58385



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