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Awesome Singaporean Lady who Tasted Hail

The 44 year old Singaporean lady who tasted the hail, totally made my day. She’s truly the bright spark amidst this haze crisis. Something infectious about her enthusiasm. Hope she becomes famous and gets advertising endorsements. Children don’t try this … Continue reading

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Clearer Information About the Singapore Haze

Our National Environmental Agency’s (NEA) website is improving. A lot more details about the haze including maps that give us a clearer picture of the situation. Source: NEA Source: NEA And do check out the detailed advisory from the Ministry … Continue reading

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Hail in Singapore & I Missed It

The only time I experienced hail was for 5 minutes in London. It was tremendously exciting. Wish I could have been in the western part of Singapore to see the hail. I thought it was due to cloud seeding but … Continue reading

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Room at Alexandra Retail Centre: Carrot Cake Again

I’m so boring. Had carrot cake again at Room Coffee Bar. But I didn’t regret it.

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New: Starbucks at Hougang Mall

Starbucks lattes are getting more and more dilute but I’m still excited to see one soon to open at Hougang Mall. At least I can get my coffee fix the next time I’m here. There were no other options before.

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Dumb Ways to Die

My cousin sent me this and I had to share. She keeps me current. This Cannes award winning train safety ad produced in Melbourne is the most cute morbid thing I’ve seen yet. I don’t like violence, fast forwarding through … Continue reading

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New at Suntec City: Again While Bored and Hiding from the Haze

The kids clothes are cute at both these places but a lot more affordable at H&M. For adult clothes I much prefer Gap for the styling. The H&M clothing seems flimsy but much cheaper I guess? This place is still … Continue reading

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New on a Hazy Day: Spotted St Marc Cafe while take Refuge at Marina Square

Checked out a few new places by chance. We were going bored out of our minds cooped at home anyway and at least in a mall you can walk a bit. It seems the air is healthier in a mall … Continue reading

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Singapore Haze Crisis: Felt Surreal to See the Sky Turn Blue, But it’s Not Over Yet

There is news that winds will change direction and it’ll be grey tomorrow (technically it’s already tomorrow since I’m writing this past midnight), but I just hope we will be pleasantly surprised again. News also that water bombing in Indonesia … Continue reading

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Blue Skies, I Miss You

The haze has got me longing for blue skies in Singapore. I haven’t been appreciating our blue skies much, in spite of the heat, now that the smoke has robbed us of that. Well perhaps I have (look at my … Continue reading

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