Almost Choked on a Pill the Other Day

Often I read a blog post and I can absolutely relate. I totally understand Rene’s fear of swallowing pills. I hate swallowing pills too. It’s why I never take pills that are good for you like those fish oil tablets that are just way too large. I think I have an extremely strong gag reflex.

When I’m not well, the tiny pills are ok, but when they are too powdery I tend to panic when they get stuck at the back of my tongue and I start to taste the bitterness.

Why can’t all medication come in liquid form? Even if they tasted awful like cough syrup, at least there’s no chance of choking.

I am horrified by people who pop more than 5 pills into their mouth at one go and with one gulp of water chug it all down. Watching them is like watching a circus performer on a tight rope. Also yucky to me, my partner swallowing a pill without any water. I don’t know how they do it. Those daredevils.

As a child I had pills crushed and taken with orange juice. I recall being made fun of as a kid for this. Recently choking on a pill made me want to go back to that method. And I am alone in a room with a locked door and imagining if I choked and died just then I would not even be able to scream for help, but luckily a second gulp of water helped to bring it down.

Even writing this, I feel quite silly.

I have the same fears of choking on food. Another reminder for me to eat slowly and in a less greedy fashion.

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4 Responses to Almost Choked on a Pill the Other Day

  1. LL says:

    This reminds me of 30 Rock’s third episode in the first season: ” I would think that the single woman’s biggest worry would be choking to death in her apartment.”

  2. sos says:

    I used to avoid pills when i was young and did that powdered tablet with sugar and water routine. I did not have pills for a very long time until few years ago. Somebody told me to keep it in deep and drinks lots of water. As I grew up, I tried swallowing pills and now can do it easily.

  3. whatsaysyou says:

    I too have a fear of pills too every now and then but I try not to think about it when I have to take vitamins in tablet form 🙁

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