Back to Little Japan: Liang Court

It’s always a treat to come here – explore the supermarket where there is always some new product to tempt me, new titles at Kinokuniya to entice and the best affordable Japanese cuisine in Singapore. I was so glad to see the food court shut down as it just does not fit with the theme of this mall which I think should be solely Japanese products. Talked about this in the past and it was thrilling to see it in effect. I just hope the new stall that pops up is something related to Japan or at least something that will excite like a new cafe. Somehow coming here always makes me want to travel to Japan and visit Hokkaido or other parts I haven’t been to. So far I’ve only been to Tokyo and Osaka and feel incredibly lucky to have experienced that. The culture is just so unique and amazing in every way.

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The only quibble I have is that they really do need to renovate the loos. Think they have done it once, but I think it needs a major renovation. If they had loos like they do at ION or Pasarbella this mall would be even more of a favourite of mine.

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    Thank you for blogging about your Liang Court experience. We look forward to your next visit.

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