Obsessed with Numbers & Loving the iPhone App, Clear

The number on the scale, the number of visitors on my blog stats. Wish I wasn’t so obsessed with numbers. My life seems to be too ruled by this. I tell myself to focus on quality and try to forget the numbers even though they do keep you in check. Somehow the reality of life (as in the office) is, what is measured is what get’s done.

One thing though. I am a big list maker. I really do feel lists help me. Whenever I make a to do list, I actually get things done. It’s a great feeling to get them crossed off the list. I especially find lists useful when I travel. I never forget anything when I’m on a trip as I have these lists to thank. Oh gosh, I’m sounding pretty neurotic. But that’s me.

One iPhone app I am so glad I got is Clear. It’s not free, but totally worth every penny. I’ts the best paid app I’ve bought so far, hands down. It’s intuitive and you can write as many lists as you want and grade your tasks in terms of importance.  There is a heat index and if the colour theme is orange, the most importance tasks are a shade of vermillion while the least important ones are paler and almost yellow.  Once you get something done you just swipe over it with your finger and it’s gone. Can’t state enough how I adore this app.

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