Thanks for Sticking By

I have been tardy with the blogging due to lack of inspiration. I’m an all or nothing person. When I do something I tend to go all out, and when I stop I just go to zilch. I need to get back into the groove again and am so grateful for readers who are still here in spite of my absence. Even though I’ll take a break now and then to refresh myself and get a new perspective (I found new excitement reading David Sedaris and now want to read all of his books), I never want to give up on this public journal. It’s my form of cave drawing and leaving love notes for my family. I’ll always be back – as long as I’m physically able.

Talking about love notes, the first words of my nieces is something I want etched down.


Oh No

The most exciting words to me in the past few months.

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  1. Claudia says:

    Continue blogging. Love your blog =)

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