Underwhelmed at Tim Ho Wan

Even though I went with low expectations, after reading countless other blog reviews, I was still underwhelmed. I didn’t even feel like blogging about it but B wanted me to because he feels I should blog about not that great experiences too.

It wasn’t bad, I must say, but I kept comparing it to what I’ve had in Hong Kong restaurants and Crystal Jade, my go to place for dim sum in Singapore. I missed not having my char siew pau. What they had here was more like a sweet buttery bun filled with char siew. I definitely prefer the steamed version. I also prefer the chilli and carrot cake at Crystal Jade. So much more flavourful. The chilli at this Hong Kong place is hotter though, so that kinda redeemed it for me.

B preferred the congee here, but we both don’t feel like queuing to have a meal here again even though we queued for barely 10 minutes as we went at an off peak hour.

What I disliked most was sitting on stools (even though cushioned) and squeezed between other patrons since the restaurant space is so small. The tightly spaced booth seats at Crystal Jade, which is also at Plaza Singapura, feels like a luxury in comparison.







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6 Responses to Underwhelmed at Tim Ho Wan

  1. Boiling says:

    Oh, why does this place always have long queues in plaza and is always crowded if it is not great?!

    • bookjunkie says:

      this it’s the hype and some people might be fans of the polo bun (but I find it too sweet and prefer those sold at Imperial Treasure)

  2. 365days2play says:

    You went to the Plaza Sing branch? The one in Toa Payoh seems better, but you are right, definitely not worth queuing for!

  3. Claudia says:

    Did u queue for long?

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