High Tea Set at ION’s Marmalade Pantry

I was not impressed by the service. First we were ignored in the queue and later it took quite a while for us to be served. I guess the tea at 3pm is just too popular and they are understaffed as I’ve had good service at other times.

But the quality of food more than made up for the slow service and I’m eager to return.

We were both surprised at the number of buttermilk scones we got. It was lovely to get clotted cream, a tea jam and strawberry jam too. Incredibly decadent. So good, but impossible to finish, even for always greedy me.

The cupcakes here are truly the best in Singapore but again they need to be shared as they are pretty rich. I like that the cupcake is moist and not dry like at some other places. The amount of frosting is very generous too. I enjoyed the toasted sandwiches too and wish we could have more rather than just two as I tend to prefer more savoury stuff during high tea.


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2 Responses to High Tea Set at ION’s Marmalade Pantry

  1. That looks mouthwateringly goooood!
    We live nearby, so we should try it out one day;-). Too bad we get so fat from all those delicious treats:-(

  2. bookjunkie says:

    I’m very eager to go again one day…hopefully it won’t be too crowded.

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