Pinwheel of Death

My iMac is frustrating. It’s always showing the pinwheel of death. It slows down and halts projects for me. I tend to then force quit applications and wonder what further damage I am creating. Yes, I am not that tech smart when it comes to hardware stuff.

But I am still hooked on Apple and will never go back to a PC. PCs were not that great either although there was better ease in managing photo files. But nothing can beat the visually appealing Mac interface. It’s just cooler.

Why do companies make products that only last a couple of years? My aunt was lamenting that back in the day electronic items like refridgerators used to last for years as opposed to present ones that konk off after a few years. Is it due to inferior products due to outsourcing and cost cutting? Or is the goal to make shorter lasting products so that the consumer will keep on buying?

I feel very nervous having read that Hard Drives only last about 3 years. I can’t imagine loosing my precious files and memories. At least Flickr uploads give me a measure of security if all else fails.

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