No Refuge

I used to like reading in a mall while waiting for my companion, but these days all the food outlets and cafés seem to be blasting music.

Haven’t they heard of mood music?The people running the place must love the clubs. It’s like a freaking discothèque.

Not only am I unable up concentrate, I’m sure dining companions are straining to hear each other over the noise.

Yes, noise.

Music that’s too loud is akin to noise. Said the cranky oldie in me emerging.

Somehow a howling child nearby is not noise. But too loud music drives me crazy. The child gets tired or their mood improves, but the blare over the speakers is unrelenting.

Forcing myself to find a positive angle (natural pessimist trying to be an optimist) I would say that sitting alone in a cafe, somehow you have that pleasing solitude, but you don’t feel lonely. Wrapped in a cocoon of other people’s conversations. It’s a pretty cosy feeling.

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