Rainbow Birthday Cake at The Coffee Daily

The service at The Coffee Daily in Serangoon Gardens is wonderfully warm, and the food quality surprised me too (very good under it’s newest management who keep the cafe open for longer hours). I look forward to coming here again soon. The rainbow cake was a little dry as most rainbow cakes are, but we loved the prettiness and novelty of it. Children will adore the sprinkles. If you want a whole cake for a birthday you have to order it a week in advance.

I found the coffee a bit too bitter though. And another downer is that although parking is free it’s very difficult to get a spot during the weekends.









75 Brighton Crescent, Serangoon Garden Estate, Singapore 559216

Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri: Noon – 10.30pm
Sat-Sun: 9.30am – 10.30pm

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