7 Reasons Why You Should Blog About Food

1. Makes me more self aware of what I’m consuming. I then try not to repeat a bad meal and also make more of an effort to try new things.

2. Revitalises me.  Intensifies and makes the experience of dining even more special. It then becomes not just about the food, but the memory.

3. Sharing your experience and tips is rather fun. Feels like you’re contributing in some way to someone else’s life experience (especially so when you’re a traveller with limited time in a new land). I’m always grateful to discover a new awesome place through a fellow blogger.

4. Taking food photos makes you more aware of lighting and food presentation. I find myself wiping the spilled curry off the edge of a plate before taking a photo.

5. The act of writing about something is rather therapeutic.

6. Looking back on old posts can be rather fun – revisiting how you felt previously and how your views or tastes may have changed or developed since.

7. Sharing your experience with family through photos.

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