Gave in to Fried Chicken Craving

And yet again, regret it so much. Was planning to have a sandwich at Quiznos (Novena Square 2) but we couldn’t take the wafting, extremely tempting fried chicken scent from the nearby Popeyes.  My resolve is not that strong and I’m unable to watch him eat while I have a healthier option instead.

Popeye’s Chicken is much tastier than KFC but it was so terribly oily and I was put off seeing the layer of fat on the inside of the cripsy skin.  I have nothing negative to say about the mash potatoes though – really good, especially the gravy. Again much tastier than KFC (which used to be good but has gone downhill in the past decades).

They have changed the recipe of the biscuit and perhaps they have copied Texas Chicken by adding maple syrup to it. I still prefer the biscuit at Texas Chicken and even better are the corn muffins at Kenny Rogers. (If I want to sin it has to be worth it – I guess it’s why I food blog quite a bit).

IMG_9152 IMG_9151

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