Capitol Piazza: Capitol Theatre After the Renovation

Capitol Theatre after the renovation now has a fancy name, Capitol Piazza, and it’s filled with fancy shops. I can’t even recall what the old place looks like even though I’ve been there countless number of times for movies. A time when tickets cost just 2 or 3 dollars.

Features I liked were the palm trees growing within the building and the colourful water fountain.

I look forward to the tea salon Angelina. Maybe it’ll be an alternative to TWG.

There were some unique stores like Marimekko with products from Finland, and Four Seasons famous for it’s Cantonese style roast duck, but most of the boutiques seem to be super high end.

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Capitol Piazza
13 Stamford Road
Singapore 178905

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  2. Mia says:

    Love the concept!! ex specially the transparent glass ceiling!

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