Aperia Mall seems Rather Dull

Don’t think I want to come here again. Think it’s more for residents living in the attached condo or office workers who work in the area and now have another option for lunch.

The only attraction seems to be Tim Ho Wan but since I prefer Crystal Jade or Imperial Treasure it’s not a pull factor for me.

It’s not crowded on a weekend so that’s a good thing.

The food court is spacious and has a nice view though, but like all food courts rock hard seats where you can’t linger for a chat over drinks for long. Perhaps this is why students don’t flock here to study. Ventilation at food courts also tends to be poor with the intermingling of different food smells in the air-conditioned stale air.

Like the old fogeys that we are, B grumbled that Aperia is a terrible name that is so hard to pronounce. A small detail, but I have to agree.







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