Wan Ton Mee: Hua Kee vs Kok Kee

Was craving for Kok Kee wan tan mee which is my favourite now, but since it was closed we headed to Old Airport Road instead. I haven’t tried the stall next to this one recently and the last two times I just had this one due to reviews online.

This wan tan mee is more savoury than the old style type which includes ketchup. I prefer Kok Kee’s version which is more complex with a sweetness to it as well. But wan tan mee is my favourite type of noodles, so it still will satisfy my craving.

Photos from a visit a week ago. My partner said the lady who took his order was very rude.




Photos from the most recent visit when I was disappointed by Kok Kee being closed after we drove all the way there. This time I did the ordering as B decided to have his favourite Lor Mee instead (I don’t care for Lor Mee and that queue is like a crazy half an hour long) and the lady at the counter was polite (I think it’s a different person? perhaps not the owner and someone they hired to take orders?)



Now here are pictures of my absolute favourite Kok Kee Wan Tan Mee as a comparison (I am still drooling over this thinking about that perfect combination). Why are they always closed or perhaps we are just there too early? It’s always a sinking feeling to see the coffee shop empty and no light at the store.



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