My Haze Contrast Photos

In the first set taken at Parkland Green during the haze (psi in the 80’s) vs a relatively pollution free day some months ago (psi in the 20’s I think?), the contrast seems great.

Actually in the second set the psi was much worse (on the roads), even hazardous at about 187. I could feel the discomfort in my throat even with the protection of the car aircondition filters. It feels like being in a room with 10 smokers. You can see how visibility is reduced by the smog. 

Lest we forget what our pre haze blue sky days look like, I thought a side by side comparison was much needed. I’m definitely going to appreciate the skies even more when hopefully monsoon season comes and clears the haze away by December. But please let us experience this earlier in November.  

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