Longing to Travel Again

I was supposed to go on a trip to Sri Lanka with my mum and sis for their birthdays. We did months of research and planning, but it had to be cancelled due to my need for immediate surgery to remove the tumours. Good news is that we got a refund for the air tickets having taken travel insurance and with a letter from my gynaecologist.

It was a major operation in order to remove as much as possible to minimise the chance of  spread. In my case it was a full hysterectomy including the removal of lymph nodes and parts of the omentum (fat lining the abdomen).

Anyway maybe I’ll go into more detail about that in another post, but right now I have this craving to travel. Since I can’t right now I think blogging about my most recent trips last year might help me relive the joys. Also gives me some interesting material to talk about other than just the cancer.


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