Revealing Too Much?

My partner who is extremely private and protective, was wondering if I was revealing too much about my diagnosis. I kinda grappled with that myself for a moment, which is why it took me so long to start writing about it (besides the extreme fatigue I was experiencing). But I finally figured I’m doing this to help and reach out to others who may be going through the same thing and are feeling lost and alone. If I leave out critical information about my diagnosis then it would be far less helpful.

Even for me, reading posts by other people with cancer helps so much. It’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only one experiencing certain side effects and that it’s ‘normal’.

Also I want to warn people of the symptoms so that they can have early detection. Especially since the symptoms for Ovarian Cancer are so vague and often ignored.

And for selfish, indulgent reasons, writing is therapeutic. I write in my journal (Moleskin) as well, but there is something special about writing for an audience, especially when they interact with you through the comments, twitter or Instagram.

It’s a great way to update loved ones as well. Much easier this way than talking about it multiple times in person. I also tend to express myself better this way. It’s a way to tell everyone how you feel before it’s too late. Mushy things are easier written down in our Asian society adverse to gushing emotions. I tend to be highly emotive though. My heart is for all to see and I can never hide how I feel.

I feel so encouraged that they continue to support my blog and have been doing so since I started blogging way back in 2005.

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4 Responses to Revealing Too Much?

  1. Kate says:

    Agree! Nice to feel like you’re connecting with other people, as well as nice not to have to tell everyone the same facts again and again. Same reason I am blogging it!

  2. I’m a very private person too! That’s why I use nicknames on my blog and I don’t post any photos of myself. I’ve been reading your entries and I don’t think you reveal a lot about yourself. You’re talking about the issues you face, which is very helpful to people facing cancer treatment, and which makes me understand the convalescent process better.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Ya I thought so too since I’m writing under a pseudonym. My partner is more concerned about this than I am. Guess we are both not too interested in Kardashian type fame 😉 I love the connecting with people & even though it’s electronic it feels real.

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