Dining Out In Singapore During Chemo

I would have never given this a second thought before, but it’s awful to never get a chance to dine out.

During my first chemo cycle when my drastic hysterectomy (including removal of womb, Fallopian tubes, ovaries, 21 lymph nodes and parts of the omentum) wounds were still raw, I was so weak and in pain that going out was not something I craved.

But later on as I got stronger, I desired the treat of having a tasty meal in a nice setting, provided the place was relatively empty. Empty because I can’t afford people bumping into me (unfortunately that happens a lot in Singapore) or catching their colds or coughs as they sneeze or cough violently into the air without any consideration for anyone around them.

So it was such a delight to satisfy a craving for American food like ribs, nachos and fries at Dan Ryan’s. Their salad is excellent too. Sorry for the messy ribs photo but that’s why happens when you can’t wait to dig in. Best part is I’m now told to have red meat to combat low red blood cell counts caused by the chemo meds.

The wait staff here are so polite and kind. That made the experience even better.

Loved the dimly lit soothing ambience as well.




A post when when I visited the place 2 years ago.

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  1. verena says:

    I’ve never been to Dan Ryan’s but the food looks absolutely delish!

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