What I Miss & Don’t Miss About Travel

7 Things I Miss

1. Those amazing massages at spas that cost a fraction of what is charged in Singapore.
2. Just a new refreshing scene rather than the same old.
3. Immersing yourself in a new culture, learning and growing.
4. Appreciating what you have back home because the grass is not always greener.
5. Checking out the best street foods and cafes and throwing caution to the wind.
6. Cooler dryer weather that makes you not want to return to the sweltering heat.
7. Beauty of nature, gorgeous beaches and a feeling of space, after urban congested Singapore.

5 Things I Don’t Miss

1. The hassle and pain of air travel
2. Living out of your luggage and having to pack as you move.
3. The fear you feel of being pick pocketed or loosing your important documents.
4. Stomach issues when you eat something you’re not used to.
5. The fear of your luggage being delayed or lost.

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