Looking Back

Grateful for every single visit I got in the hospital and at home since I was diagnosed this January. Each of those visits made the journey so much more bearable and even brought so many moments of joy. Feel so extremely thankful for all those great memories.

Also grateful for those who stayed with me through various stressful procedures where they probably felt just as much stress as I did. They gave me confidence and took away the fears as much as they could. I couldn’t have done it alone.

Every single encouraging text message and FaceTime session is also much appreciated and will never be forgotten.

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Blogging about life in Singapore & recently cancer too.
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5 Responses to Looking Back

  1. Erina says:

    Thinking often of you, and wishing you good energy and strength in your recovery!

    Thank you for your blog; I’ve read it for a very long time and have so appreciated you sharing your beautiful country.

    Warm wishes from Florida USA,

  2. Julie says:

    I hope you are feeling better. I really miss your blog.

  3. orchidee says:

    Singapore is an excellent place for tourism,we can enjoy all famous areas with full safety measures……Great..

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