No More Chemo

So glad I’m done with Chemo but feel a state of flux. My oncologist says it’s a very natural feeling that all her patients go through. Even though you’re happy to leave chemo side effects behind, you strangely felt safe and cocooned while undergoing treatment. Safer in a sense as you felt that there was something attacking and keeping those microscopic cancer cells at bay. Also safe in a sense that you were being monitored.

I now understand why on the first day of my treatment a sweet patient at the end of her treatments approached and told me she actually enjoyed and missed her chemo treatments. I couldn’t understand it then, but I do now.

So when people expect me to be happy it’s over it’s hard to explain these mixed feelings and to seem ungrateful. I know other cancer patients will get it though and that helps.

I know the feeling of elation will come with time as I regain more of my fitness and my old self after I’m done with the next stage – radiotherapy.

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  1. Barb Holmes says:

    I know where you’re coming from darling. You feel cocooned, and monitored. After Chemo, I had a break before the lumpectomy, and then another break before radiation, but it all flowed. I completed Radiation a week ago, and I’m wondering when that feeling of elation comes? The journey was hugely instrumental in transforming me into a ‘new me’, I am looking forward to seeing who she is, especially after Chemo. Much love. <3

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