Where I Used My CDC Vouchers #4: Mee Rebus at Dju Dju Nasi Padang

Was debating whether to post this or not as I’m not really a fan of mee rebus and I found this version a tad too starchy and sweet. I added the two kinds of chilli provided but it still wasn’t spicy enough for me. Yes, I’m a spice queen, often excessively so.

Partner liked it more than me though cos he’s always liked Mee Rebus, although I’m sure he prefers the one at the famous stall at Bedok. Most of the famous stores do not allow use of the government issued vouchers as I guess they do not really need the extra business it will bring.

Dju Dju Mee Rebus
The stall – Dju Dju Nasi Padang

The stall seems very popular though and the ladies there very welcoming for the use of the vouchers as well. It was S$11.60 altogether including a fried chicken dish. Portion sizes are generous.

At first I struggled with the use of the online voucher, but once you get the link and bookmark it, it’s easy. Just a matter of clicking till you get a QR code to show the owner which they will scan with their phones. It will them indicate that the vouchers selected have been redeemed. Just like with anything, it’s a matter of trying it out first although I still feel that the elderly who have not been in this tech world as long as the younger folks need some help for sure.

Location: Serangoon Ave 2, Block 304, Singapore 550304

Hours: 7am to 8pm

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