Blogging and The Search Engine Optimisation Trap

Since I’ve embarked on blogging I’ve learnt so much. I know now that if you have a blog with decent traffic, but if you abandon it for some reason, Google knows, and traffic will plummet after a couple of months.

So blogging is truly a never ending marathon and you have to maintain your site, besides just enjoying writing and connecting with others.

Including my statistics to be transparent and helpful to other bloggers who are struggling

My problems all started out when the Go Daddy host (where I bought my domain address) was hit with malware (they don’t admit to it but it was reported in the news) and also because they don’t provide much support for WordPress users. It’s quite a nightmare to call up the help desk (after being on hold for ages) and they often ask you to speak to your web developer. I always tell them, it’s just me, I don’t know coding and I don’t have a web developer.

Go Daddy Employees Dax and Mitch from The Philippines helped me significantly though and I wish the company would retain more patient and helpful people like them. In contrast the Go Daddy WhatsApp helpline was an absolute nightmare.

Exciting to see where visitors are coming from in the world since I started writing again

Finally I had no choice and had to engage the services of a professional, just to get the site working again. As I have low trust levels to just engage anyone off the bat, I used the website codeable. I didn’t want to be ‘Penny wise pound foolish’. It got me thinking that I should use a site like that myself to get freelance writing assignments. At least there is a form of vetting for both parties and payment is secure.

Disheartening to see how traffic has plummeted

I had to add security and a firewall to protect the site from malware so that visitors will be secure too. It’s why you now see https instead of http on the web address and a lock icon.

I’ve totally dropped off Google, but I am reluctant to add key words just for the sake of being listed by Google again. I just want to write organically, with integrity, and let the content speak for itself. My wish is to find my tribe of likeminded writers and readers. Some might have, like me, dropped off the radar too.

Those who believe in kindness and loathe bullies.

Those who don’t believe in success at the expense of others.

Those who believe in the power of the written word.

Those who believe in the importance of art and nature in our lives.

Those on the fringes without any confidence, termed passive, whom I think are compassionate and have utmost value.

Usually if you’ve gone through failure or trauma you tend to be more empathetic towards the pain of others. Those are my kind of people.

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