It’s Supposed to be the First Day of Spring in The Northern Hemisphere

I say supposed to be, as we don’t really have the 4 seasons in Singapore apart from the monsoon seasons. Technically we are in the northern hemisphere, but so close to the equator that our days and nights are evenly spaced. It’s usually hot and dry, or slightly less hot and very wet. The average temperature is 30 degrees and I always need air conditioning as I’m constantly perspiring. Generally humid all year round, not very windy and you’ll never need get cracked lips or scaly legs. If you have curly hair it’ll be extra curly and frizzy.

In the Southern Hemisphere it’s the first day of Autumn. I prefer visiting Australia and New Zealand during this cooler period. Winter would be even better as I love the cold.

What I love best in Singapore, are the early mornings. The air feels fresh especially if it’s just drizzled.

Singapore Sunrise
Palm trees

There is sense of possibility and renewal.

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