Seeking Blogs Worth Reading in 2022: Whimsical, Genuine, Uncluttered & Well Crafted

It’s really hard to maintain a blog over the years. Several I have adored have left the scene and sadly been abandoned. They had so much potential too. So here I am seeking some new ones.

As I have been away from the blogging world, pulled away by the ease of microblogging on Instagram, I hope to reacquaint myself with some old staples as well.

Below is an evolving list that I will refine as I make new discoveries. I hope their genius rubs off me:


Becoming Minimalist

Reading My Tea Leaves

Just Jenn

Old Staples:

Zen Habits

David Lebovitz

My Home Town Singapore (also a country):

The Travelling Hungryboy

Not updated but Celine’s writing is exquisite and speaks to my heart. Some of the most heartfelt posts were removed though. Because being that vulnerable and open is scary and I totally get that.

My Blogorative

About bookjunkie

Blogging about life in Singapore & recently cancer too.
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