Must Watch on Netflix: Three Songs for Benazir

It’s one of those stories that will stay etched in your mind. Beautiful, tender tale of young love, set in Afghanistan. This young couple will captivate you and you will feel for them through their struggles. The couple who seem to be only in their teens, keep their hope alive amidst being sandwiched between American forces watching them (through a monitoring device in the sky) and the Taliban. You can’t help but wonder how they are doing now considering that the Taliban have now taken over and it must be a pretty dire situation. Hoping they can be helped further, especially through the filmmakers who have now garnered an Oscar nomination for this Short. (22 minute documentary)

A story like this makes me feel superficial and vapid with my so called issues in life. Life truly is unfair and it’s the luck of the draw – the life to which you are born.

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