The 21st Anniversary of My Very First Major Operation

It’s crazy to think that around this time 21 years ago I was rushed to hospital and they had to perform an emergency appendectomy. It was my very first time under the knife and pretty much a traumatic nightmare. A group of seemingly very young medical officers were in charge and they looked more nervous then me. So nervous, they were stammering. Can you imagine how that made me feel. And I was on the operating table. Thank goodness for the morphine for the next 2 days. I was rushed in just before April Fools day and I kept thinking this must be a joke. Were they certain my appendix was about to rupture?

Fast forward 15 years and I had my next operation. Also pretty much an emergency. It was for cancer. Actually major surgery and a massive hysterectomy including removal of my omentum (the apron of fat that covers your organs that I was just discovering existed) and 13 lymph nodes.

Barely 2 months after, they had to pause chemotherapy and go in again due to a fever that never went down and infection. I felt fine though. It didn’t seem like anything so major that required surgery, but what did I know?

Then a year and a half later another surgery to remove a tumour in my intestine plus taking care of a hernia.

I’m the greatest chicken in the world l, so I don’t know how I survived it all but I did. I’m so glad those times have passed.

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