Catching the Sunrise

I am so glad we can now walk outside without our masks. It feels so liberating to be able to take a slow walk and breathe in the fresh morning air. Oh and a glimpse of that orange blue skyline is another think worth sacrificing some sleep for. A bit of nature in a busy urban city filled with vehicles.

I feel sorry for my uncle who was the one who always inspired me to start walking again. You see, he hurt his foot, so he has been deprived of mask free walks. Hope he heals soon and can resume this activity, that’s so great for overall wellness. It’s free too. No need to pay for a gym membership.

Also I’m going to say something very cliche. “I can’t believe it’s already April. A quarter of 2022 has passed. How? Seriously, how?”

But ok. At least there’s some movement forward with the new lifting of mandates. I can gather with more of my big family, now that they have doubled visitor limits to 10 and no more masks outdoors. My youngest cousin has already rushed to plan something.

Also I’m so happy for all the children in Singapore who can now play outdoors without their masks. I have been feeling so sorry for them especially as all these Covid restrictions affect their well being significantly. Sweet, innocent darlings not being carefree – that’s just wrong.

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  1. It’s spring in more ways than one.

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