Grateful for Relaxing Moments: Flat Whites & Lattes at Cosy Cafes

It’s when I feel the most relaxed outside. I like going back to the same places. Cafe Aux Bacchanale and Da Paolo Gastronomia. Familiar friendly faces, good quality and comfy chairs.

I do have social anxiety as I imagine many do after being confined for so long that we forgot the effort it takes to interact with new people in new settings. Are you this way too?

I was never like this before age 32 and even though I was shy I enjoyed the company of people and I loved making new friends. It was so easy. Effortless.

Now I don’t trust myself to say the right thing and it’s such an effort to edit myself before I speak. I often feel so frustrated after the fact when I feel I’ve said the wrong thing. Have I become slow? Am I cognitively impaired or just out of practise after being alone with only people I’m comfortable with for the last 15 years.

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