Perth Day 1: Rest Stop at Miami Bakehouse

I didn’t start blogging about my trip to Western Australia chronologically. I started with Joondalup which was actually the 7th day of the trip as I was so overjoyed to see my sweet cousin there.

Now I’ll start from the beginning. We had a wonderful guide Jason, who picked us from the airport and drove us to our next destination – Pullman Hotel at Bunker Bay. On the way he stopped at a place I suggested for pies. On hindsight I should have left the food stops picks to Jason as everything he recommended was so much better. He did say that this place used to be famous, but since it expanded rapidly, not so much.

Also we arrived closer to the end of operations and there were no chicken pies left only vegan ones. But I must say that the flat white and the custard tart we shared were lovely. I had a bite of my sister’s ham and cheese roll and that was actually much tastier. It’s hard to judge as we don’t eat beef and most of the meat pies are beef. We also had a low carb one (not much choice left) so it didn’t have a buttery crust like I imagined. I was comparing all the pies to the beyond amazing Chicken Camembert pie I had in Tasmania, the last time we travelled way back in January 2019.

I told myself that this time I should blog while the memories are still fresh. I still haven’t blogged about the amazing Tasmania experiences.

The custard tart was lovely
The pies didn’t impress
Loved all that space – so serene compared to Singapore

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