Perth Trip Day 2: Best Ice Cream in the World at Simmos

This was another experience during the trip that was unforgettable. I blogged earlier about Joondalup Lake but that was actually Day 7, so this was our first out of this world experience on this post covid trip.

I’m craving for Simmos right now, but we don’t have it in Singapore. I checked.

I had an orange chocolate chip ice cream for the first time in my life and it was divine. So milky and just perfect. One scoop was equivalent to 3 scoops of what you would get in Singapore. An extremely generous scoop indeed. My mum liked the flavour I chose too. She had ginger biscuit ice cream. My sister loved her dark chocolate ice cream.

It was so relaxing sitting on the benches in the cool Autumn air (18 degrees) licking on our cones while listening to the birds chirping and watching the ducks in the field outside. We don’t get this kind of serenity in Singapore. It’s so rare for it to be this quiet. I don’t miss the urban crowds at all.

I’m massively craving for this
Hilarious Signs Out back
Our guide told us that lots of parents leave their children to play here while they hop off to the Winery
Beautiful roses here too
There’s Mini Golf too so a great place for families

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