Perth Trip Day 2: Magical Sunset Experience at Bunker Bay Beach

It was about a 10 minute walk from our beautiful hotel chalet to the beach. I’m so glad we didn’t miss this as I found it so utterly refreshing. The feel of the soft sand and the reviving sounds of the birds and the powerful Ocean. The people we met along the way were so friendly and pointed us in the right direction. Mostly Australians on holiday. We seem to be the only foreigners.

Headed back to the room to charge our phones – essential these days
Beautiful duck pond at the hotel on our way to the beach
The sand was so soft
From the footprints you can imagine how soft the sand was
Stunning beauty
We hardly get rolling waves like this in Singapore
Loved seeing the clouds reflected off the water
Sky got pink as the sun set
It was hard to say goodbye to this beautiful beach

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