Perth Trip Day 6: Freemantle Market

The market looked less bustling compared to the last time I was there in September 2015 before we could even fathom covid. There was just one busker compared to the dozens I saw 7 years ago.

Didn’t see Levi himself this time but the stall is still there with the freshly made donuts. Heavenly. I didn’t see as many fresh produce stalls that sold things like nuts and chocolates. Seemed to be more art and clothing stores in comparison.

The best- would have had more if I wasn’t so full
The best fresh orange juice ever – as good as it was in 2015
Hardly any tourist shops in the CBD so only saw touristy T shirts here
Very soft material but a tad too expensive for me

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2 Responses to Perth Trip Day 6: Freemantle Market

  1. Perth looks so explorable!

    • bookjunkie says:

      Yes it’s only about 5h by air from Singapore and it’s easy to get around. I love the weather there (apart from summer)

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