Sentimental Value – 21st Birthday Gift from My Father

As I regularly try to declutter for my peace of mind I come across a lot of things I don’t use but can’t part with. If I go by Marie Kondo’s rule of keeping things that spark joy, I have a lot that will stay.

Wanted to appreciate the watch my Papa got me for my 21st birthday. I didn’t like the green face, but wore it for him and pretended I was excited.

Now it’s priceless to me as it’s the only physical gift he’s given me that I still have. It makes me recall how happy and excited he was to give it to me. For him it must have been momentous, his first born turning 21. I feel so loved and am beyond grateful.

Just long to hug him and tell him what he means to me, but I can’t.

Wish he knew. Somehow.

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  1. To declutter something or not, for sure can sometimes be a difficult decision.
    And who is going to end up with my stuff after I passed away?

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