Cancel Culture is Scary

Because I’ve been blogging for much more than a decade I often worry that what I’ve written before will come to haunt me.

Maybe I wasn’t educated enough then, and said something insensitive, ignorant or just plain dumb. This is why I dislike and am fearful of cancel culture where old stuff is dug out to discredit someone.

Cancel culture seems like giving someone the silent treatment, but this time on a large scale. It should not feel toxic or go down the path of bullying. It should draw awareness for sure and discussion.

If the person genuinely apologises I think they should be given a break to prove themselves. But if they continue to be a bigot or bully then that’s truly awful.

I know I’ve learnt so much from the internet in the recent years especially about gender identity. I was truly an ignoramus before. It’s always good to have a open mind. Remember when everyone was convinced the earth was flat? See what I mean? So I feel like we should never be too rigid. It makes more sense that everything lies on a spectrum. Doesn’t it?

You may be resistant at first but give it a chance. The more I read about the truth of others, the more I am able to empathise with their plight.

It’s also taught me that in many ways I have a lot of privilege although I may be disadvantaged as a minority in my country. Privilege in just being gender conforming. The term is cisgender. This gen X oldie only learnt this a couple of years ago. My biological gender matching with the gender I have in my head. I can’t imagine the turmoil of being born in a body that distresses you. That enduring the pain of surgery is nothing compared to the pain of being in the wrong body.

It’s one of the reasons why social media is so powerful. It’s humans across the globe connecting directly. Not just a few voices through highly edited media authorities.

I also hope my writing style can evolve to be more sophisticated. I cringe at my own writing. At how convoluted and confused I sound. But this is a diary and my stream of consciousness. Perhaps unsophisticated is good because it’s less polished and more real? And I’m aware that I’m not an authority on anything. It’s just the thoughts of someone who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and is grappling with this new world and suddenly feeling old.

Keen to hear your thoughts on all of this.

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