Do People Still Blog or Read Blogs

I started in 2005 when I had a digital camera so it was easy to upload photos and write some accompanying words. So it’s been 17 years of fun. Of course I journal offline too as writing is life.

I started on Google’s blogger and was mostly food blogging. I wrote less personal stuff being self conscious and worried about privacy issues.

I just learnt that blogs used to be called web logs and the term blog took off in 2004. There is a wonderful summary all about the history of blogging here. Makes sense as WordPress started in 2003 and it was a much better platform for blogging than blogger. I only started actively on WordPress in 2010 although I set up an account in 2007.

When they mention CMS (I roll my eyes at jargon – just makes simple things unnecessarily complex sounding) in social media or marketing job descriptions, it’s referring to things like WordPress, a content management system. Basically a online platform that makes it easier to design a website and update it.

My cousin D recently told me about another system called Wix, but it’s hard to move away from something you’re comfortable with.

So currently there is just more competition with more blogs around chasing the advertising dollar. I haven’t seen a cent of that in years as I stupidly didn’t want to ruin my credibility but I’m changing that perspective now seeing people do it in a non annoying way.

There’s also competition from other social channels like YouTube, Instagram, and now the biggest sensation is Tik Tok. Facebook seems to be quite stale and I don’t enjoy it but don’t want to leave some friends who are active there.

I’ll just keep plodding along here as I need to record my life and thoughts, for myself and if anyone finds it helpful it’s a huge boost for me. Actually the connection with other bloggers especially when they leave comments is the best part.

It’s fascinating to read my posts from a decade ago as the world changes rapidly. We are experiencing history and social changes as we speak. Some establishments I wrote about do not exist anymore.

My blog has become a place of nostalgia in some way. It reveals also some cultural shifts.

I wrote this about Halloween in October 2006 and little did I know that I would partake in this festival myself from 2014 onwards and enjoy it tremendously. Mainly because the children in my life love it and its wonderful witnessing them have so much fun dressing up and collecting candy.

Just the other day I already saw Halloween decorations up at Daiso and it’s August.

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