On this Day: 9th September 2022

Update 17th September 2022: I so agree with how Trevor Noah articulated it on The Daily Show. Each person has a different experience with the same person and you can’t force your opinion on them. If they had a bad experience (imagine living under apartheid in South Africa) with the person you have to respect that.

Understanding that our relationship with somebody may not be the relationship that other people have with that person.

Trevor Noah on The Daily Show

What I wrote on 9th September 2022 follows:

My fave Royal – Princess Diana

Woke up to news that Queen Elizabeth II has passed away peacefully (8th September 2022 at age 96) and her son is now King Charles. I was sincerely hoping that she would make it to a hundred and be well. To think that she worked till the very end.

It’s truly sad to see the headlines today (putting all issues with colonialism aside and just thinking of her as someone’s mummy and granny). You never want another human to undergo pain. Also I think the end of a era is something we are all feeling and it does remind us of the fragility of life.

We see so much news of William and Harry not being as close as they used to. As an older person we have practically seen them in the news since their births and have always wished them well.

I’m of course an ardent admirer of their mother Princess Diana. Her passing affected me deeply. I was shaken to the core as she was much loved universally for her compassion. She’ll always be number one to me amongst all the royals having seen her wedding live on tv as a ten year old and being utterly mesmerised by this real life princess doll. Truly inner and outer beauty and not afraid to show her emotions.

In local news the machine is preparing us cancer patients for reduced insurance coverage. Oh how cleverly it’s all worded and pushed out in stages. I can definitely read between the lines. They say insurance companies decide which treatments to cover etc, but isn’t it the government that actually decides? As an older person together with other ailing elders with chronic conditions we all feel like we are not wanted anymore as we are just a burden on the system and not economically viable. Abandoned. This is what getting older feels like. And I’m not even that old yet. In my mind 51 is young. I’ll try not to let this add to my anxiety. I’ll live like an Ostrich now. A happier life.

Honestly though, I just want my life to end quickly, when the inevitable comes, which is what I know we all desire. No one wants to suffer and that’s where my anxiety over the cancer coverage lies. I don’t want to outlive my loved ones, as that I can’t bear. These are all natural feelings that no one talks about because it feels forbidden.

I just want to be of value & help in whatever way I can right now.

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