Is Having Instant Information Helping Us More than Hurting Us?

Well for one thing, my concentration is not as good as it used to be with all these new distractions.

But these distractions are oh so enticing.

It’s no surprise that Tik Tok has grown exponentially to become the most powerful social media platform, such that even our ministers are racing to build a following on it. To get to the young ones. Although I’m sure the young ones are savvy enough to know what’s up.

For me it’s just so informative and at the same time entertaining. And you can choose what type of content you want. Slowly it learns what type of content interests you. For me it’s cancer, skincare, health and so forth. It’s the humour and music that draws me in. And the creators start to feel like family. They do say laugher is the best medicine. And cute babies and kittens – need I say more?

I guess the relaxation part is good. The information about how to treat illnesses is great. Information about affordable skin solutions form actual dermatologists is the best discovery.

But then it hooks you and you scroll mindlessly. Soon an hour is gone and it felt like a second.

Time flies when you’re having fun.

And then just like binge eating, the regret comes in. Regret that you could have got something more productive done like read that book or work on that project.

The tweens in my life can’t imagine living without the internet or devices and they want more advances like these. Not going to school and having a teacher at home in the form of a hologram sounds fine to them. They think our slow way of living was no fun. It’s interesting how perspectives change through the ages.

So the answer to the question is depends which generation you ask and what you’re used to. For me it’s an equal mix. I miss the slow thoughtful life, but I can’t help but think I was fine without devices? I do love recording life through digital photos videos and blogging though. And connecting with like minded people around the world. I got used to having this ability.

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