Angelina at Marina Bay Sands: Another Too Expensive Place

Piping hot is always good
$8.50 for a flat white

Staff were struggling here. We didn’t order the tiny cakes that cost at least $17 before tax and opted for a large basket of piping hot French fries instead. Pretty good but you could get much more for $13.50 at McDonald’s. But yes we are paying for the ambience (and to cover the probably crazy rental costs here)

Mostly unsuspecting tourists here. The chairs were not that comfortable and were placed at an odd angle giving me a bit of a backache. I now understand the queue at the other fancy tea outlet TWG where you can get macarons for $2. More reasonable prices and fancier than this place.

Staff were struggling to fulfill orders and we were presented twice with orders not meant for us. Somehow service suffers when we are asked to place our own orders using a QR code. Increasingly so at most places.

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