My Psoriasis Journey: At My Wits’ End, but Trying to be Zen

I’m going for distraction. Mostly Netflix and phone apps do the trick so well. And writing of course. Doing that on my phone right now. (So thanks Steve).

It’s almost comical that the trigger for psoriosis is stress and eliminating stress is the key. But when you’re covered with red rashes and excessive skin cells that make you itch, it’s very hard to be zen. I’m trying though.

What my doctor prescribed

So far the Daivobet prescribed by the Dermatologist is too harsh for me. I tend to be super sensitive to pharmaceutical drugs unfortunately. The steroid cream might work for you though.

I’m giving it another shot. Just on one part of my body this time. My elbows. Hopefully there won’t be an adverse reaction this time.

Also I decided not to apply it at night and sleep with it. Inadvertently it would get on my pillows and accidentally perhaps on my face which is a big no no. The last time I ended up with a dry cracked upper lip and pimples on my chin.

I now understand why my cousin who suffers from vitiligo just gave up on the steroid creams and UV treatments. The results were dismal so it wasn’t worth all that effort. In the end you kinda just give up and accept the situation.

I haven’t reached that acceptance stage, so I really want my healthy smooth blemish free skin back. I had it just a month or two ago. This thing escalated too rapidly. And horrors I have one red spot now on my forehead. (Not my face please)

I don’t mind trying UV red light next though but it has to be in a controlled environment and I wonder if there are devices where I can administer it myself. Just thinking out loud and based on my own research of what has worked for other people online.

Would love to hear about what worked for your psoriasis, please drop me a note.

Update: 2 hours later. To my horrer the part of the leather armchair where my arm was resting has gone from brown to a powdery white. Are the steroids that toxic. Gave me a moment of pause. Perhaps I should go the natural route instead, that is, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or Ayurvedic treatments.

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  1. Boiling Wok says:

    I am not an expert though as far as I know from an Ayurvedic perspective, skin disorders are often pitta/heat aggravation related. Dealing with psoriasis might involve having a diet with more cooling foods and less heating foods including chillies, sour fermented foods and eliminating certain foods until inflammation decreases at least.

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