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My Psoriasis Journey: At My Wits’ End, but Trying to be Zen

I’m going for distraction. Mostly Netflix and phone apps do the trick so well. And writing of course. Doing that on my phone right now. (So thanks Steve). It’s almost comical that the trigger for psoriosis is stress and eliminating … Continue reading

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Psoriasis: Visit to the Dermatologist

I feel hopeful after my visit to the second dermatologist. Prior to this I saw a male doctor. He was nice but I prefer female doctors, and my gynaecologist whom I trust, referred me to her. I have confidence in … Continue reading

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Truly Frustrated By Sudden Onset And Worsening of Psoriosis

I’ll begin on a positive note. I have found that the moisturiser by Cerave helps me quite a bit. At least it makes the situation less aggravated and calms my skin a little bit. I need to buy more as … Continue reading

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Desperately Researching Cures for Psoriosis

Medical science has pointed out that the environmental factors contribute to stimulation or activation of certain cells in the immune system (psoriasis T-lymphocyte) which are drawn to the skin. These immune cells release certain chemicals (cytokines) which in turn activate … Continue reading

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Miss Having Lunch Out With My Mum

She hardly likes to go out and even more so since the covid period, but when it comes to my medical appointments she likes to accompany me as my doctors and nurses know her well. She says they are always … Continue reading

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What I Wrote Yesterday Feels False

False in the sense that I’m forcing myself to sound more well and upbeat than I am. Inside I’m drowning. I never wrote about the times I have such intense fear that I feel paralysed into inertia. Whether it’s a … Continue reading

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Feeling Lost today till a Stranger (not quite actually) & Kind Soul reached out

19 years ago I lost my beloved Papa and this whole week (the dates) are a reminder of my nightmares and trauma. I did things today, I would normally enjoy, but I couldn’t quite taste my food or have any … Continue reading

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Hesitating to Write about My Psoriasis

I’ve been stopping myself from sharing on this blog, because I’m afraid of being judged. That’s the danger of being honest and putting yourself out there. I really shouldn’t care about the negativity, because that hinders me from connecting with … Continue reading

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