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I Don’t Like Change

My favourite kind of days are regular days with routines that you are used to. They may be considered by extroverts to be boring. To me they are comforting. I love living in regular days with no extremes to upset … Continue reading

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Baby Steps

I’ve been taken with the idea of self improvement lately. Over the years I have attempted change and find that baby steps is the way to go.

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The Coffee Daily – New Owners?

B informed me that he had read a feature in the newspapers and that The Coffee Daily had changed hands. When we visited I was wondering why the previous owners were not there. It’s quite sad to find out that … Continue reading

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Singapore: Always Something New

Just a little post about how Singapore is in constant flux. Prompted by the discovery of The Med the other day. Although it’s probably been here for ages and I’m living under a rock as usual.

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How My Life has Changed with an iPhone

Hope you read my post about my life now with an iPhone compared to when I just had a simple Nokia. It’s quite interesting for me to take stock at different stages of my life. And in our world today, … Continue reading

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My Farewell Post on Tiny Island

The post I wrote explaining why I’ll be just blogging at Singapore Actually: I’ve been blogging for 7 months on the domain that I bought from host Go Daddy, Singapore Actually, and 17 months on my free WordPress blog Tiny … Continue reading

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