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I’m writing in an uninhibited manner. More so than I’ve ever done before as 52 approaches. If not now, then when. Isn’t it time I stop caring what people (who are not even in my life anymore) think. They won’t … Continue reading

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Pink Dot or more like a Pink Park of Love

Nothing beats pink – it was so beautiful seeing those balloons go up in the video. Read this wonderful article by blogger Kirsten with loads of photos from the event. Loved this one Kirsten shot, of Vincent Wijeysingha and he’s … Continue reading

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I Never Knew Websites Were Banned in Singapore

Call me an ignoramous. Go ahead. I feel quite ignorant and positively dumb, after just discovering this today. I didn’t know certain websites were banned in Singapore, till I came across this article on Yahoo Singapore which talks about the … Continue reading

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