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Gobsmacked by the Moon Tonight

We were all excited when we saw the moon tonight. I have never seen it looking this huge. Reminded me of the movie Melancholia where a rogue planet collides with Earth and as it approaches it gets bigger and bigger. … Continue reading

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Anyone else notice the Very Huge Moon Tonight?

A poor shot of the biggest moon I’ve seen in a while. It’s the hugest light amidst the street lamps. It was spectacular to see and reminded me of that movie Melancholia. What if, the moon was really coming closer … Continue reading

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3 Brilliant Movies: Drive, Melancholia & Blue Valentine

You must watch Drive. I was riveted throughout. Very impressed by Ryan Gosling’s performance and I think he deserves an Oscar. I am usually terrified of violence as I tend to get nightmares but some movies are so good I … Continue reading

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