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Hail in Singapore & I Missed It

The only time I experienced hail was for 5 minutes in London. It was tremendously exciting. Wish I could have been in the western part of Singapore to see the hail. I thought it was due to cloud seeding but … Continue reading

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Yet to Try Kopi Luwak

I talked about this very rare coffee and why I haven’t tried it yet. Satisfied myself with a tiny latte instead.

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Singapore’s Prettiest Trees

One of the prettiest trees in Singapore is the one with dark branches and yellowish green leaves. I still don’t know what these trees are called, but they don’t seem tropical to me. I have nothing against tropical, but we … Continue reading

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Unseen Photos of the Lee Family

The Straits Times has featured some interesting photos of Singapore’s leader, Lee Kuan Yew showing him in a different light from the stern unflinching persona we are used to. I never realized that Lee Kuan Yew married in secret or … Continue reading

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