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I Wish Singapore Companies would embrace the Management Philosophy of Trust

[youtube]f60dheI4ARg[/youtube] Based on my experiences at work, the best and most productive times I had were at forward thinking companies that were non hierarchical. The lean, flat and collaborative structure really works. But most of all, and I think I … Continue reading

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Co-Founder of Apple Steve Woz Talks about his Friend Steve Jobs

Sorry for the millions of posts I am writing about Steve Jobs but I think I am not alone in my obsession and admiration. I have been having an insatiable appetite to find out all about Steve and it just … Continue reading

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Steve’s Firstborn: Lisa Brennan-Jobs

I am a sucker for father daughter stories and recently I have been captivated when I stumbled upon an article about Steve Jobs’ eldest child. I had not heard about Lisa Brennan till today. She is a writer and just … Continue reading

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7 Things You Can Learn from Steve Jobs & Help for that Office Presentation

[youtube]rtT9N9L_4-w[/youtube] Some tips on how to improve that presentation you may have to give at the Office. The one you’re dreading. I hope you electrify your audience like Jobs did every single time. [youtube]2-ntLGOyHw4[/youtube] Steve used to be nervous when … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs Tribute: Here’s to the Crazy Ones & Stay Foolish

Do you feel like a round peg in a square hole? An inspirational video. [youtube]HBhxu_3Sj5I[/youtube] And I have to paste this somewhere so I don’t forget: “Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered … Continue reading

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Utterly Shocked & Incredibly Saddened by the Death of Steve Jobs

We all knew Steve Jobs was ill, but to still hear it, the news that the man behind Apple is no more, is still shocking. I think me and the rest of the world have been in denial since we … Continue reading

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The iPad2 & the Coolest Ever Magnetic Cover: A Very Frail Steve Jobs Introduces New iPad to Standing Ovation

I am always so impressed by Steve Jobs’ presentations.  He is quite an inspiration. Was hoping the new iPad would be smaller, but at least it’s thinner and lighter. Steve Jobs demonstrates how it’s thinner than the iPhone, so that’s … Continue reading

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100 things you didn’t know about Apple and Steve Jobs (via teqnolog)

This was a great post as most 100 things lists can’t hold my attention, but this one did. Another thing I didn’t know about Steve Jobs till recently was that he was extremely handsome when he was younger! He looked … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs is Gonna Chew Some People Up After the iPhone 4 Demo Fail

This is a problem most iPhone users encounter from time to time. Not being able to get onto the wi-fi network because it’s overloaded with too many users. At the latest iPhone launch today, as a result of all the … Continue reading

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