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What do you Admire Most about your Father? Question posed to my Uncle, Aunt & Mum

I’ve been exploring prompting questions to ask my relatives, and I thought this was a good one. It really doesn’t matter if the answer goes a bit off tangent as the key goal is to prompt memories about a loved … Continue reading

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My Uncle relating to me the Story of when his Father Died in 1960 & How They All Coped

It sounded pretty traumatic to me. For all the 7 children ranging in ages from 10 to 24. My uncle was 17 years old and that was the year he had to prepare for his O levels. They received the … Continue reading

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Asking My 79 Year Old Uncle about his Childhood

My uncle used to swim in the Kallang River and rushed back home by 5.30pm when his father (the grandfather I never met, as he died a decade before I was born) would be home. My uncle (second eldest son … Continue reading

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My Ceylon Connection

When you hear Ceylon, you think Ceylon tea.  Today most people know Ceylon by it’s modern name Sri Lanka.  I prefer the old name.  The name I heard throughout my childhood.  The word that conjures up an island paradise complete … Continue reading

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